Stingray colors available

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Delivery Time 2 - 3 Weeks

Exotic polished stingray for you to pick your favorite color. Picture nr 1 from left to right: Blue light, Blue Mid, Navy Blue, Blue Mid. Picture nr2 from left to right: Red, Burgundy, Green and Black. Picture nr3 from left to right: Brown and grey/ brown. Please use the contact form, or send an email, to fully customize your stingray strap.
Any size can be made if your size isn't available in length and/ or width. Simply use the contact form or send an email.


Polished stingray. The temper is soft, flexibel and very comfortable on/ around the wrist.
Each stingray watch strap has a thickness from ca. 3.5mm - 3.8mm. Ofcourse, on request they can be made thicker at the lugs, just leave a note. Each stingray strap will never be exacly the same as the one before or after, every strap will be unique.
A brushed stainless steel buckle is included.

Dit is een goede plek voor voorwaarden of verzendbeperkingen die eventueel voor dit product gelden.