1971straps - custom made watch straps

1971straps - custom made watch straps

100% handmade and custom watch straps.

Driven by passion, care, love, attention, service and pleasure.
Dedicated to the craft.

Let's make your watch great again!


About 1971straps...

Dutch based watch enthusiast and strapmaker that goes by the name of Bernd, also known as Edug on many social platforms. (even though I'm based in the Netherlands 85% from my straps are going to the US, Canada, UK and other non EU and EU countries.)

Good to know:

  • All watch straps are 100% handmade.
  • All watch straps are made between 2.6mm- 5.5mm in thickness. Many leathers can be adjusted in terms of thickness, however not all leathers are suitable to split. Leave a note for your preference.
  • All watch straps can be customized at your requirements in terms of length, width, stitching style and color thread.
  • There are 15 Julius Koch Tiger thread colors you can choose from, but there are other colors as well.
  • A brushed stainless steel buckle is in the price included. (at the moment there are no other options)

** Work around time at the moment is ca. 2 weeks before finished, i will keep you updated ofcourse**

Strap sizing guide:

6.0-6.5'' wrist / pols or 15-16.4cm        115/70mm

6.6-7.0'' wrist / pols or 16.5-17.8cm     120/75mm

7.1-7.5'' wrist / pols or 17.9-19cm        130/80mm

7.6-8.0'' wrist / pols or 19-20cm           135/80mm

8.1-8.5'' wrist / pols or 20-21.5cm        140/85mm

8.6-9.0'' wrist / pols or 21.7-23cm        145/90mm 

A few stitching style idea's

Minimal accent stitch
Toothpaste stitch

Minimal width stitch
1971 special stitch

Tribal stitch
Go-nuts stitch

Traditional open stitching

Triple minimal accent stitch

Italian stitch

traditional open with cross stitch

traditional open with minimal stitches

1971straps friends 

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B. Gude
Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Number: 82083673


E-Mail: [email protected]
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All watches shown on my website are customers watches or from my own peronal collection.
They are only for demonstrating my handmade watch straps. I'm not connected or affiliated by any watch company.


Below are some examples of my custom-made watch straps. Check the gallery for more examples.

You can also visit the webshop directly. You can always customize your watch strap any way you prefer.

orange-watchband-handmade-1971 straps

What people say about 1971straps

Not only is Edug an expert at his craft but a gentleman in the truest sense of the word! *Mike

Awesome straps! *Dai

The way you compliment the watch with your straps is amazing *Timothy

Thank you. Perfect match again. *Floor

Thank you for this amazing strap! Quality and workmanship are second to none! *John

Very nice strap...love it *Patrick

This is a killer combo! You rock my friend *Salvatore

The other 2 straps just got here. They're absolutely perfect. You're a master at your craft! *Robert

De band is mooi en staat vet *Harald

De kwaliteit en looks zijn geweldig *Michel